5 Tips to Stress-Free College Applications


College admissions can end up causing a lot of stress and anxiety for both students and their parents. Today students are quite prone to get confused with a myriad of career options to choose from. To avoid the stressful ordeal associated with the college admission procedure, students and their parents need to keep a systematic approach throughout the whole process. There are several things to be taken care of while going through the college admission process which help in making the whole procedure a stress free one. Let’s take a look at a few simple steps you can do to ensure a stress-free application process.


It is imperative for students to set up a clear and attainable plan well ahead of application time. During the beginning of Junior year of High School is a time to lay out how and when to forecast for High School coursework and decide when to take the SAT and /or ACT. It is also essential on the part of the parents to have a discussion with their children regarding their aspirations and their thoughts on College. It is advisable that parents use open-ended questions in discussions that involve their child’s higher education goals. This can be a very confusing time for teens and they often feel tremendous anxiety and stress from their peers and potentially from their parents. High School and College is a time for young adults to learn about their choices and start to consider their plans. Some, very few students, really know what they want to major in, study and eventually make a career out of. In cases where students themselves are confused about their future, parents should make sure that their children consult a career advisor or counselor. In such cases a college advisor can play the role of a liaison between parents and their children to come up with options and ideas regarding planning for their future. The unbiased opinion of the college advisor can be a great way for teens to feel comfortable to discuss their questions in a nonjudgemental setting.


The College admissions process demands a lot of to-do lists to be settled by the aspiring students. Keeping track of your community service, summer activities, jobs and all extra-curricular activities will help you stay organized and on track when it comes to application time. This process along with keeping a calendar of all test dates and deadlines will help to alleviate feelings of “the last minute stress.” The best way to get rid of this unnecessary stress is to set goals that are manageable. The ideal way to deal this situation is to start early and work on one activity at a time to complete all the requirements prior to admissions time. You can begin by deciding when you can work on these tasks; ie: 1 hour per week or on weekends. A well planned schedule with manageable goals can help you relieve some of the anxiety associated with college admissions and even allow you to focus on your goals.


The admissions process does not solely rely upon your performance, there are many factors that are seen by the admissions officers that look at your applications. This is your time to show who you are as a well rounded individual. What matters here is how you will showcase your particular talents and uniqueness relative to the other competing students. In this scenario it is a wise step to not just focus on one college and make a list of many desirable colleges. You can prioritize your list of desirable colleges on the basis of several factors like the reputation of the college, the subjects offered, distance from your residence, financial considerations and learning style. It is always a better idea to visit the colleges personally you are applying to and get acquainted with the institution. This will also give you an opportunity to interact with students and faculty on campus who can help you by showing you about real life at that particular college. While going through the college admission process students should also take note of the dates and deadlines of that institution. It is ideal to be ready with all of the important documents required for the college application in order to save yourself from panicking at the last moment.


Throughout the college admission process one of the most significant things that you need to keep in your mind is the fact that what you do with your time throughout your college experience is far more important than the name or reputation of the college itself! You should always keep this set of values in your mind for a relaxed positive outlook throughout your college admission process. The whole process of talking endlessly about schools, majors, careers and what will happen next can be a very trying time. By preparing early and keeping a relaxed attitude, you can allow space for the positivity and excitement of entering into the next phase of your life!


Do not let the whole college admission process take a toll on your mental or physical health. Constantly worrying about results will only affect your health and dissuade you from focusing on your goals. If you are not able to stop yourself from getting anxious and stressed out every once in a while, consider taking up some form of physical activity like exercise, walking, swimming, dancing, or yoga. Make any of these a part of your daily routine to ease the tension and anxiety that is in your body. By doing so you will get refreshed and re-energized every day to get ready to face each day as it comes. This will be an important tip while you are in College as you take on more responsibilities.

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