Dayna Taus, MA – Therapist and College Counselor


In work and in life, Dayna draws upon a diverse set of skills and experience. Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and certifications in addictions counseling and yoga instruction.

Dayna enjoys working with teenagers through their daily trials and tribulations… and in their transition from high school to college. Since 1995, Dayna has worked with teens and young adults as a college counselor and a mental health counselor, including positions at Santa Monica Community College and New Leaf Academy.

When she is not working or traveling, Dayna can be found skiing, kayaking, playing pickleball and tennis or on her yoga mat. Dayna strives to create a community through dance, art, sport, friendship, music, laughter and respecting all living beings.

Proud Member of the
Independent Educational Consultants Association